1. Fill in the blanks with am, is, are.
1. I … a teacher. 2. This man … a singer. 3. My friend … at the gym.
4. We … students. My father … a driver. 5. The students … in the class.
6. She … an engineer. 7. I … busy. 8. Our teacher … young. 9. They … in the
park. 10. Your shoes … dirty. 11. I … tired. 12. This bag … heavy.
13. The shops … open today.

2. Make the following interrogative and negative.
1. You are an engineer. 2. His brother is a doctor. 3. Her parents are at home.
4. Our teacher is at the library. 5. The cars are in the street. 6. The theatre
is in the center of the town. 7. My cousin is at school. 8. They are good friends.
9. His father is an artist. 10. The apartment is small.

3. Answer the following questions as in the models.
Models: Are you a secretary? — Yes, I am, I’m a secretary.
Is your mother a homemaker? — No, she is not. She‘s not a homemaker.
She‘s a doctor.
1. Are you a manager? 2. Are you a teenager? 3. Are you an artist?
4. Are they at home now? 5. Are you in the hospital? 6. Are you in the street?
7. Am I a teacher? 8. Are you sick? 9. Am I angry? 10. Is he busy tonight?
11. Is your book on the desk? 12. Is your notebook on the floor now?

4. Editing.
Correct the conversations. There are seven mistakes.

1. A: Please close the window. It (It’s) cold here.
B: It’s no cold. It’s hot.
2. A: Please open the window. I be hot.
B: Hot? It’s not hot. Is cold.
3. A: My cousin from Tokyo. She’s a student.
B: My cousin from New York. She’s a student too.
4. A: Seattle is the capital of Washington State.
B: No, it’s isn’t. Olympia is the capital.

5.      Complete      the    conversation.     Use   am(not)/is(not)/are(not).
If it is possible, use contractions (short forms).

Example: We’re from Australia
Mark: Hi, Steve.
Steve: Hi, Mark. Mark, this ___ (1) my cousin Amy, and this ______(2)
her friend
Jenny: They______(3) on vacation.
Mark: Hi. Nice to meet you.
Amy: Nice to meet you too.
Mark: So, you ___ (4) from around here.
Amy: No. We ___ (5) from Australia.
Mark: Australia? Ah – the land of kangaroos and koalas.
Amy: And big business, and opera, and…
Mark: Right. ___ (6) you from the capital?
Amy: No. We ________ (7) from Sydney. And our kangaroos and koalas
_________ (8) all …
Mark: In the zoo?
Amy: That ___ (9) right. ___ (10) you from Seattle?
Mark: Yes, I ___ (11).
Amy: Jenny and I love Seattle. It ___ (12) a beautiful city. It ___ (13) Sydney,
of course, but it ___ (14) clean. The people ___ (15) very friendly.
And the coffee ___ (16) delicious.
Mark: ___ (17) Sydney beautiful?
Amy: Yes, it ___ (18) wonderful. And it ___ (19) because I live there.

6. Practice the conversation  with
the country/city you live in.

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