Quantity words

There are words that we use to describe ‘part’ of something. They include ‘none’, ‘some’, ‘several’, ‘many’, ‘most’, ‘all’,


‘None’ usually means ‘not (even) one’. We sometimes follow ‘none’ with ‘of’ and:

  • an article + a noun
  • a possessive adjective + a noun
  • a pronoun
  1. “None of the workmen turned up” (Not even one workmen went to work).
  2. “None of your friends look alright to me” (I don’t like the way any of your friends look).
  3. “Which car do you like?” “None of them” (I don’t like any of the cars).
  4. “How many students did the homework?” “None” (Not one students)


‘Several’ means ‘more than two, but not many’. It’s very similar to ‘a few’, but we use it in a more ‘positive’ sense.

  • several + noun
  • several + of + these/those + noun
  • several + of + possessive adjective + noun
  • several + of + pronoun
  1. I’ve received several letters
  2. Several of these children have lunch at school.
  3. Several of my paintings have been sold.
  4. Did you find the photos? I found several of them under the sofa.


‘Most’ means ‘the majority of’.

  • most + noun
  • most + article + noun
  • most + of +these/those + noun
  • most + of + possessive adjective + noun
  • most + of + pronoun
  1. Most people think marriage is the basis of our society. (the majority of people think this)
  2. Most of the people here don’t agree with your ideas.
  3. Most of these girls work as secretaries.
  4. Most of your work is useless.
  5. What sord of wine do you like? Most of us prefer red.

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